Simply Cait plans a KITCHEN! (the before pictures)

Let’s just move right on past the fact that I haven’t posted since October and focus on the real excitement: We are finally remodeling our kitchen!!! When we bought our home 2.5 years ago, we knew we’d want to remodel it eventually.  It has a number of not so redeeming qualities: a cream colored refrigerator with a faux wood grain handle, black stove, and a portable dishwasher (we actually do not dislike this nearly as much as we thought we would).  “Those are just appliances!” you say.  Well, let me introduce you to 70 year old cabinets and a gorgeous beige, laminate counter top along with some orangey cream colored linoleum.  If you could hear the weird screech that the faucet makes when you run hot water, you’d give us high fives and major props for waiting this long to tackle the project!

#simplycaitskitchen | Before |

Look at those beauties! {insert whistle here}

Look at those beauties! {insert whistle here}

Can I also mention that there is a ceiling fan in our kitchen.  This has to be a man’s design decision.  Any woman I mention this to is equally as horrified as I am at the idea of that dust flying around an area where you prepare food… and I won’t get started on the dog hair from our “non shedding” dog that somehow gets up there.  Hence the reason why it has been turned on approximately once.  That would be the very first time when we realized it is a terrible idea. 😉

Simply Cait's Kitchen | Before |

Here’s the view from the dining room to give you an idea of the layout.

View into Kitchen | Before |

As I post these pictures, I can look at the kitchen objectively and acknowledge that it needs a facelift really bad.  Maybe even more than I realized.  Sometimes you can live in your home so long that you don’t even notice the uglies.  And when your home is filled with laughter and love, who the heck cares anyway?  I struggle with interior design, because I love it and it’s my absolute passion, but when I take a step back I know that it isn’t what really matters.  There are so many things that should (and have) come before it.  But now I’m looking at those pictures up on the screen and I know it’s time.  This kitchen needs it.  It needs it bad.  And so we’ll begin!

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Halloween costume inspiration for your viewing pleasure…

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Happy October 1!  It’s unbelievable that we’re already into Fall, October no less.  But, that means that it’s time to start thinking about the best DIYs of the year: Halloween costumes!  I’ve always loved making my own costume.  The earliest one I can remember is a sea monster costume where I dyed cheese cloth and sewed it to a sweatsuit.  I know I was still in daycare at the time, so I was little, but I can still remember how freaking excited I was to make and wear that costume.  There have been lots of others throughout the years: Pumpkin (made out of a pumpkin yard bag stuffed with newspaper, My Little Pony, Cupcake, Pink Flamingo, the list goes on… And I highly encourage you to take the time to make yours this year!  Which is why I’m sharing some creative, yet easy, DIY costumes on the very first day of the fine month of October, because I always push mine off until I’m scrambling last minute and have to take a half day off work to finish it. Which was the case last year.  When I was the most adult I had ever been.  So shameful!


Anyway, here are some of my favorites that I’ve found across the web:

Studio DIY is killin’ it with this ultra easy pineapple costume!

DIY-Pineapple-Costume from Studio DIY

Source for picture and instructions here.

This cactus costume is so easy to make, you don’t even need directions.  Sweatsuit, yarn, needle, done!

DIY Cactus Costume Source Unknown

Photo from here

$5 buys you the pattern for this ultra-cool skull mask, made completely out of folded paper!

Skull Mask Pattern from Tetra Variations on Etsy

Buy it here!

This is my pic for a costume this year: A burger!

DIY Burger Costume from Studio DIY

Find instructions and the source of this photo here.

Last year, I made this costume.  But, instead of sticking with the swan theme, I went hot pink and turned it into a flamingo!

Bjork Swan Dress Costume Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Find the DIY here.

A super easy but fancy-looking masquerade mask.  I bet it would take you 30-45 minutes tops.

Masquerade Mask from Sprinkles in Springs

Find the DIY on the Sprinkles in Springs blog here.


Here’s to hoping this year’s costume will be the best yet!


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