• Trendy sunglasses for $50 or (much) less

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    Trendy Sunglasses for $50 or (much) less | SimplyCait.com


    1) Forever 21 Oversized Round Sunglasses ($5.90)  |  2) Quay Australia Penny Lane ($45)  |  3) Quay Australia My Girl ($50)  |  4) Sole Society Vivian ($29.95)  |  5) Target GLD Aviator Sunglasses ($16.99)  |  6) Forever 21 American Flag Aviators ($5.90)


    I’m not a fashionista by any means, but one fashion staple I always have around is sunglasses.  It’s more about function than form but if I can look like I know what I’m doing in the fashion department, rock on.  When I forget to bring sunglasses with me it’s a guarantee that at at least one point during the day I will be a squinty, eye watering mess.  And since they go everywhere with me, more often than not they are lost, broken, or squished into a weird shape that is totally uncomfortable on the nose.  No matter what I do I can’t get them to go back!  {If you have never experienced any of these things, teach me your witchcraft. Please.}  The whole situation would be heartbreaking if I dropped 200 bones on a pair of shades, but a long time ago I learned that you can get some pretty sweet sunglasses for not a lot of money.


    I picked these six pairs to share with you, because you can buy them now (hellloooo summer!) and be on trend the whole season.  If they’re just not working for you next year, no harm no foul.  I’m a big fan of the round glasses to add a little fun and glamour to a happy hour or brunch with the ladies, the cat eyes for a day at the beach, and the aviators for to and from work.  You could easily buy three pair and not break the bank.


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