• DIY Pool and Shower Flip Flops

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    This is the first post in a new series: 20x20x20.  20 things to make in under 20 minutes for under $20.  Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time or a lot of money but you just want to make.  And if you’re doing it with some girlfriends and a bottle of wine or two, you’re doin’ it right. 😉   So here we go, kicking off this amazing new series with DIY Pool and Shower Flip Flops.


    DIY Pool and Shower Flip Flops | www.SimplyCait.com


    Be warned, this is a little bit of a “first world problems” post.  But, you know when you’re running around the beach/pool/gym shower and you don’t want to kick off your flips for convenience/hygiene reasons but they make walking around in the water so darn difficult?  This DIY is for that.  It totally solves that completely awful, scarring experience. That’s obviously a little bit o’ sarcasm, but you’ll seriously be amazed at how nice these are to just run around in watery type situations.  Bonus: they take less than three minutes to make, so even if you drink a bottle of the afore mentioned wine before you get started, you won’t be slaving away all night tipsy.  (You will be using a power tool, though, so be careful!)


    Anyway, let’s get started!


    DIY Pool and Shower Flip Flops | www.SimplyCait.com

    Total cost: $1

    What you’ll need:

    Foam flip flops (I got mine at the dollar store, woot!)


    Drill bit (I used a 7/32″ drill bit, but as long as you’re close to that you’re golden)

    Sharpie (optional)



    DIY Pool and Shower Flip Flops | www.SimplyCait.com

    Step 1: Determine where you want your drainage holes and drill through those spots.  If you want to get fancy, you could make shapes or a design, but you’ll want to make sure that there are drainage holes all over the flip flop so you don’t get drag in certain areas when they’re in the water.  I find it works best to make sure that they’re all evenly spaced, so I just freehanded the drill holes.


    Remove hole plugs

    Step 2: Remove the plastic leftover plugs from the bottom of the flip so the water can get through.


    DIY Pool and Shower Flip Flops | www.SimplyCait.com

    Step 3: Take those puppies for a spin at the nearest pool or gym.  Yes, kiddy pools count!  {Can you spy with your little eye a fuzzy paw that wants to get in on this flip flop action?}


    And there you have it, folks.  The easiest, most useful summer DIY you could ever see for $1!  If I’m wrong, feel free to prove it with a link in the comments section!

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