• Pickle Recipe Roundup

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    Pickles are so delicious that at one point in time I actually thought I should be suspicious of anyone who doesn’t like them.  And then I met my fiancee.  Who hates pickles.  Over the past six years, I’ve slowly come around to accepting him for who he is – a pickle hater – but his pickle hating ways have not rubbed off on me in the slightest.  That being said, I’ve never actually made my own pickles and after seeing a few too many jealousy-inducing farmer’s market pics I think this year is the time to start!  Bon Appetit magazine has an amazingly beautiful spread on pickling in their current issue that has inspired my great search for the best pickle recipes to get started.


    Here are a few that I am dying to try:

    Classic Dill Pickles from Bon Appetit.  I always think it’s a good idea to start simple and work your way up.  This seems like a great, easy, basic recipe.


    Old Fashioned Horseradish Pickles from The Fountain Avenue Kitchen.  A local butcher shop here, Von Hanson’s, makes horseradish pickles.  They are my all time favorite but a little pricey, so it would be great if I could come close at home!


    While not exactly pickles, this Sweet and Spicy Pickle Relish from Serious Eats is seriously tempting!


    Who doesn’t love garlic?  I can’t wait to try these Fast Favorite Garlic Dill Pickles from Epicurious.


    Just so you don’t think I’m discriminating against all of the other pickle-able foods out there, check out this article on 20 Surprising Things You Can Pickle.  Watermelon?  Whaaaat?!?


    Before you decide to hop on the pickle bandwagon, check out this article about the 7 Common Quick Pickling Mistakes.


    Do you have any tried and true pickle recipes you think I should try? 

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  • Bomb Pop Slush Cocktail

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    Bomb Pop Slush Cocktail Recipe | www.SimplyCait.com


    Since we’re comin in hot right after the Fourth of July, I’m sure you’re thinking “Well this is a little late…”.  But rest assured that Bomb Pops are enjoyed all summer long, and this is a great cocktail for your next adult gathering!  It’s super easy to make, looks fancy, and tastes exactly like a Bomb Pop {with a buzz}.




    UV Blue

    Mike’s Hard Lemonade

    Grenadine Syrup

    Soda water (optional)



    Nutribullet or Blender

    3 cups/pitchers (one for each slush)



    This is so easy it’s embarrassing.  For each “batch” of slush, simply blend 4 parts ice to 1-2 parts alcohol.  Depending on your blending machine, it might need more or less liquid to make a slush consistency.


    First, blend the UV Blue with ice until it reaches slush consistency, pour into cup/pitcher.


    Then, do the same with the Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  Make sure to watch your mixture closely for carbonation build up.  You wouldn’t want to blend so long that you create a pressure chamber and have your drink blow up everywhere. 😉  If you notice it fizzing up too much, just lift the lid off to release the pressure and continue.


    Lastly, blend your grenadine and ice to make a slush.


    Pour about a 1/3 of a glass of each slush into your glasses, starting with the blue then white then red.  (We accidentally did ours backwards, but that’s okay!  It still tasted the same and had the same effect. 😉 )  If you stir a little bit, you can get a nice ombre effect and the true Bomb Pop flavor.



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