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    Bomb Pop Slush Cocktail Recipe | www.SimplyCait.com


    Since we’re comin in hot right after the Fourth of July, I’m sure you’re thinking “Well this is a little late…”.  But rest assured that Bomb Pops are enjoyed all summer long, and this is a great cocktail for your next adult gathering!  It’s super easy to make, looks fancy, and tastes exactly like a Bomb Pop {with a buzz}.




    UV Blue

    Mike’s Hard Lemonade

    Grenadine Syrup

    Soda water (optional)



    Nutribullet or Blender

    3 cups/pitchers (one for each slush)



    This is so easy it’s embarrassing.  For each “batch” of slush, simply blend 4 parts ice to 1-2 parts alcohol.  Depending on your blending machine, it might need more or less liquid to make a slush consistency.


    First, blend the UV Blue with ice until it reaches slush consistency, pour into cup/pitcher.


    Then, do the same with the Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  Make sure to watch your mixture closely for carbonation build up.  You wouldn’t want to blend so long that you create a pressure chamber and have your drink blow up everywhere. 😉  If you notice it fizzing up too much, just lift the lid off to release the pressure and continue.


    Lastly, blend your grenadine and ice to make a slush.


    Pour about a 1/3 of a glass of each slush into your glasses, starting with the blue then white then red.  (We accidentally did ours backwards, but that’s okay!  It still tasted the same and had the same effect. 😉 )  If you stir a little bit, you can get a nice ombre effect and the true Bomb Pop flavor.



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