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These DIY ice buckets are amazing.  It’s one of those projects that you reallllly wish you had thought of yourself so you could put it out in the blogosphere and claim it as your own.  But, alas, I didn’t.  So enjoy French By Design’s post.  If you’re not up for the full on ice bucket, you can make some beautiful ice cubes instead!


I want to make about a million of these to recognize those everyday heroes that remind us that kindness really is everywhere if you take a moment to notice it.  How special would you feel if a stranger gave you one?


Right after graduating from undergrad, I was a personal trainer.  I used to love using sliders but haven’t used them in years and it’s time to fire them back up!  They’re super effective, and you can easily substitute a towel (hard surfaces) or paper plates (carpet) to get the same effect.  Try this workout to feel the burn and see results.


It’s going to be steamy again this weekend (I’m not complaining, it’s better than -30 degrees and fearing for your life when you leave the house), and a frozen eucalyptus towel sounds like just the right way to lounge outside with a cocktail and still feel refreshed.


I have been dying to make these marshmallow fluff krispie treats.  Cookies and Cups actually claims that these are the best krispie treats out there, and from the looks of them they’re a strong contender.  I have to wait to make them until we go to a group outing where they’ll disappear immediately, because otherwise I know that I will eat the entire pan in a weekend.  Oops.


Have a really wonderful weekend, wear your sunscreen, and in the words of my personal hero Ellen, “Be good to one another.”

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